Sitater fra the Simpsons

Homer:	But wait.  You can't kill me for being Krusty.  I'm not him.
	I'm Homer Simpson.

Fat Tony:
	The same Homer Simpson who crashed his car through the wall of 
out club?

Homer:	Uh ... actually my name is Barney.  Yeah.  Barney Gumble.

		   Homie the Clown

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  No.  Lumber Lung?  No.  Jugglers despair?
No.  Achy-Breaky Pelvis?  No.  Oh, I'm never going to be disabled.
I'm sick of being so healthy!  Hey wait -- Hyper-Obesity.  If you
weigh more than 300 pounds, you qualify as disabled.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   King-Size Homer

	You can do it, Otto!
	You can do it, Otto!

Apu:	Make this spare, I'll give you free gelato!

Moe:	Then go back to my place where I will get you blotto!

Homer:	Domo arigato, Mister Roboto!

		   Team Homer

Marge:	It was a beautiful wedding.  I've never seen Selma happier.

Homer:	That reminds me -- Troy said something interesting last night
	at the bar.  Apparently he doesn't really love Selma and the
	marriage is just a sham to help his career.

		   A Fish Called Selma

Homer:	Dig him up!!!  Dig up that corpse!  If you really love
	Jebediah Springfield, you'll haul his bones out of the ground
	to prove my daughter wrong!  Dig up his grave!  Pull out his

Quimby:	Can't we have one meeting that doesn't end with us digging up
	a corpse?

		   Lisa the Iconoclast

Alone!  I'm alone!  I'm a lonely, insignificant speck on a has-been
planet orbited by a cold, indifferent sun!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer

Our lives are in the hands of men no smarter than you or I.  Many of
them incompetent boobs.  I know this because I've worked alongside
them, gone bowling with them, watched them pass me over for promotions 
time and again and I say this stinks.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer's Odyssey

Around the house, I never lift a finger
As a husband and father I'm sub-par
I'd rather drink a beer
than win Father of the Year
I'm happy with things the way they are

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(annoyed grunt)ocious

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