Sitater fra the Simpsons

Herb:	All born in wedlock?

Homer:	Yeah, though the boy was a close call.

		   Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oooh ... maca-ma-damia nuts.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart's Dog Gets an F

Boy, those Germans have a word for everything.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   When Flanders Failed

I saw weird stuff in that place last night.  Weird, strange, sick,
twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff.  And I want in.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer the Great

He's taking funny talk.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Like Father, Like Clown

Marge:	We can't afford to buy a pony.

Homer:	Marge, with today's gasoline prices, we can't afford not to
	buy a pony.

		   Lisa's Pony

I've heard 'em all.  `I like you as a friend.'  `I think we should see 
other people.'  `I no speak English.'  `I'm married to the sea.'  `I
don't want to kill you, but I will ...'

		-- Homer Simpson
		   I Love Lisa

They said the same thing about Urkle; that little snot.  Boy I'd like
to smack that kid.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart Gets Famous

Step aside, everyone!  Sensitive love letters are my specialty.  Dear
Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville.  Population: you.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart the Lover

Marge:	Homie, are you really going to ignore Grampa for the rest of
	your life?

Homer:	Of course not, Marge, just for the rest of his life.

		   Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

Laser effects, mirrored balls -- John Williams must be rolling around
in his grave.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   The Springfield Connection

Well, I acquired it legally, you can be sure of that.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Treehouse of Horror VI

You see, boy?  The real money's in bootlegging!  Not in your childish

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment

Oh, well, of course, everything looks bad if you remember it.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer

Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night!  They just plain
sucked!  I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch 
of sucks that ever sucked!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Team Homer

Come on, honey.  You work yourself stupid for this family.  If anyone
deserves to be wrapped up in seaweed and buried in mud, it's you.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily

Marge:	What if he's crazy?

Homer:	And what if he's not? " then we'd look like idiots.

		   Burns Baby Burns

Woman:	I'm not going to press charges, but I assume you'll want to
	punish him.

Homer:	'Preciate the suggestion, lady, but he hates that.  And I
	gotta live with him.

Bart:	You're the man, Homer.

		   Bart After Dark

It's a fixer-upper.  What's the problem?  We get a bunch of priests in 
here ...

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Treehouse of Horror

It's your child versus mine!  The winner will be showered with praise, 
the loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Lisa on Ice

It's wonderful, it's magical.  Oh boy, here it comes.  Another mouth.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   And Maggie Makes Three

I guess Bart's not to blame.  He's lucky, too, because it's spanking
season, and I got a hankering for some spankering!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

Aw, being a clown sucks.  You get kicked by kids, bit by dogs, and
admired by the elderly.  Who am I clowning?  I have no business being
a clown!  I'm leaving the clowning business to all the other clowns in 
the clowning business.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homie the Clown

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