Sitater fra the Simpsons

Jeez.  No beer ... no opera dogs ...

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart the Genius

You're everywhere.  You're omnivorous.

		-- Homer Simpson, to God
		   There's No Disgrace Like Home

I can understand how they wouldn't let in those wild jungle apes, but what
about those really smart ones who live among us who rollerskate and smoke

		-- Homer Simpson, on Heaven
		   The Telltale Head

You know something, folks, as ridiculous as this sounds, I would rather
feel the sweet breath of my beautiful wife on the back of my neck as I
sleep than stuff dollar bills into some stranger's G-string.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer's Night Out

Could this be the best day of my life?

       		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer the Heretic

Kirk:	One day your wife is making you your favorite meal, the next day
	you're thawin'a hot dog in a gas station sink.

Homer:	Oh, that's tough, pal.  But it's never gonna happen to me.

		   A Milhouse Divided

See these?  American donuts.  Glazed, powdered, and raspberry-filled.
Now, how's that for freedom of choice.

       		-- Homer Simpson
		   The Crepes of Wrath

The reason I look unhappy is that tonight I have to see a slide show
starring my wife's sisters -- or as I call them, `the gruesome twosome.'

       		-- Homer Simpson
		   Krusty Gets Busted

I'm not a bad guy.  I work hard and I love my kids.  So why should I spend
half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell?

       		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer the Heretic


       		-- Homer Simpson
		   The Springfield Connection

Marge, try to understand.  There are two kinds of college students: jocks
and nerds.  As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time.

       		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer Goes to College

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