Sitater fra the Simpsons

You can't depend on me all your lives.  You have to learn that there's a
little Homer Simpson in all of us.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer Defined

When will I learn?  The answers to life's problems aren't at the bottom of
a bottle.  They're on TV!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   There's No Disgrace Like Home

Homer:	This place is depressing.

Grampa:	Hey!  I live here.

Homer:	Oh, well, I'm sure it's a blast	once you get used to it.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart vs. Thanksgiving

Lisa:	Dad, I think that's pretty spurious.

Homer:	Well, thank you, honey.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Selma:	It's time to give away my love like so much cheap wine.

Homer:	Take it to the hoop, Selma!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Principal Charming

Burns:	Good Lord, Smithers!  You look atrocious.  I thought I told you to
	take a vacation.

Homer:	Uh, Smithers already left, sir.  I'm his replacement, Homer

		   Homer the Smithers

Bart:	Oh, cheer up, Mom.  You can't buy publicity like that.  Thousands
	and thousands of people saw your pretzels injuring Whitey Ford.

Homer:	You can call them Whitey-whackers!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

Oh, `no attitude,' eh?  Not `in your face,' huh?  Well, you can cram it
with walnuts, ugly!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

Homer:	I'm sorry, Marge, but sometimes I think we're the worst family in

Marge:	Maybe we should move to a larger community.

		   There's No Disgrace Like Home

Two-hundred-thirty-nine pounds?!  I'm a blimp!  Why are all the good
things so tasty?

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Brush With Greatness

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