Sitater fra the Simpsons

I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colors before he invented the

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart the Genius

It could be one of these chemicals here that makes him so smart.  Lisa,
maybe you should try some of this.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Bart the Genius

Dammit, I'm no supervising technician.  I'm a technical supervisor.  It's
too late to teach this old dog new tricks.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer's Odyssey

That shot is impossible!  Jack Nicholson himself couldn't make it!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

Homer:	I keep hearing this horrible irregular thumping noise.

Pump Jockey:
	It's your heart.  And I think it's on its last thump.

Homer:	Whew, I was afraid it was my transmission.

		   Homer's Triple Bypass

Rock 'n' Roll had become stagnant.  `Achy Breaky Heart' was seven years
away.  Something had to fill the void, and that something was barbershop.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Flanders!  My socks feel dirty!  Gimme some water to wash 'em!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Boy-Scoutz n the Hood

Kent:	Well, what do you say to the accusation that your group has been
	causing more crimes than it's been preventing?

Homer:	Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes.

		   Homer the Vigilante

Marge, there's just too much pressure, what with my job, the kids, traffic
snarls, political strife at home and abroad.  But I promise you, the second
all of those things go away, we'll have sex.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

It works on any Ayatollah!  Ayatollah Nakhbadeh, Ayatollah Zahedi ... Even
as we speak, Ayatollah Razmara and his cadre of fanatics are consolidating
their power!

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Two Bad Neighbors

Um, it's like, uh ... did anyone see the movie `Tron'?

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Treehouse of Horror VI

I think Smithers picked me because of my motivational skills.

		-- Homer Simpson
		   Homer the Smithers

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