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- Bob the Dinosaur cum Cobol Programmer "Hi Bob. I haven't seen you lately."
"I was doing some evolving. I noticed I have a zit that's sensitive to sunlight. I'm hoping it becomes an eye."

        - Dilbert and Bob The Dinosaur

"Pardon me sir, but I couldnt help noticing these equations in your garbage. I took the liberty of correcting a few quantum calculations."
"Gosh. Why are you a garbage man?"
"I think the question is why are *you* an engineer?"

- The Garbage Guy & Dilbert "Are you telling me *you* invented the first web browser?"
"Not alone, I worked with our garbage man."
"I wonder how long people would sit in front of a computer waiting for nothing?"
"Lets find out!"
"What if this thing gets out of hand?"
"We'll blame it on some drunken college kid." - Dilbert, Dogbert & The Garbage Guy "I asked dilbert to lead the team in making a computer entirely from recycled paper."
"Ha ha ha!! You are totally doomed to fail!! ...Wally is teaching me to find joy in the misery of others."
"You're on my project team."
        - The Boss, Asok and Dilbert

"I just fired off a scathing letter to a columnist for mis-using the word 'dongle'. I'm intoxicated with the feeling of verbal superiority. My sad life has meaning. I feel alive!"
        - Carol the Secretary


Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level" then beat you with experience.

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