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"I'm in."
        - Accounting Troll & Dilbert

"Are we bad people?"
"We're good people who have been influenced by a corrupt coporate culture."
"Oh, ok. Carry on."
        - Asok and Dilbert

"I did a statistical analysis and found no correlation between my efforts and my rewards."
        - Asok

"I can't tell you how much your budget is, because if I did, you'd try to spend all of it."
"Can you tell me when I'm over budget."
"No, because" then you'd know what the budget is."
        - The CEO and the Pointy-Haired Boss

"I made a few suggestions."
"I'll be happy to make these unnecessary changes to this irrelevant document."
"Stop acting happy."
        - The Pointy-Haired Boss and Dilbert


"How many of your policies are designed for the sole purpose of satisfying your sadistice tendencies?"
"All of them. Some of them are just more obvious."
        - Alice & Catbert

"Not so fast. I like to savour the moment before I crush your misplaced optimism."

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