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"Why did the IS Department deny my request for a PC upgrade?"
"Because we are evil incarnate! Buwahahaha! "
"I was looking for something more specific..."
        - Dilbert & the IS guy

"There will be no vacations until the project is finished."
"It feels as if I am being punished for your inability to to properly plan and staff."
        - The Pointy Haired Boss and Asok

"I'm thinking about growing a unibrow."
"Maybe we should rethink our ban on work-related conversation during lunch."
        - Asok the Intern and Dilbert

"I just had a good meeting."
"Maybe it just didn't last long enough to reveal the incompetence of the attendees."
"That's what I call a good meeting."
        - Dilbert and Dogbert

"Tina, we've gotten some complaints about your hostile behaviour. At a recent meeting you crossed your arms. That is unacceptable body language."
        - Catbert

"In a perfect world the project would take 8 months. But based on past projects in this company, I applied a 1.5 incompetence multiplier. And" then I applied an LWF of 6.3"
"Lying weasal factor."
        - Dilbert, The Boss and Alice

"Will it make the world a worse place to live?"
"I think so."

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